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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carribean Quisine - First Class!

The first time I visited Broadway Market was something of an accident. I had been looking for a flat over the course of a few months in the summer of 2009. It had become apparent that researching the area around the potential homes was pretty much as important as the home itself.

Receiving details of a home in the London Fields area, I decided to venture to said area ahead of the flat viewing to explore my potential new neighbourhood. Happening upon the Broadway Food Market, I quietly decided that I would move to this area - come hell or high-water! (it was a good job the home turned out to be ok).

The quality of the food stalls here is really off the scale - and seem to be attracting A-list customers!

A few weeks ago I ventured to 'The Carribean Chef', without one of my favourite 'regular' stalls at the market.  This wonderful stall has been the perfect way to beat the winter blues, serving up dish after dish of spicy goodness, all with that wonderful 'home cooked' quality that I believe characterises the best Jamaican style meals.

Being a comic book obsessive of the highest order, my ears pricked up when I heard the girl at the stall chatting to the customer to my left about her love of the 'X-Men' movies, in particular the most recent entry to the franchise 'X-Men: First Class. Hearing the customer say he had been reading the script for the next movie.

Turning around thinking I'd be faced by a producer or something along those lines I instead found it was Magneto himself Michael Fassbender!

The above image is not how he asks for his food, he's much more polite in person. It would seem Hackney resident Fassbender is as much a fan of 'The Carribean Chef' as yours truly, as I understand it
he has also become something of a regular to this stall.

Serving up great dishes such as Ackee & Saltfish, Curry Chicken, and my personal favourite the Jerk Chicken, the Carribean Chef will draw you back with a pull to rival Magneto himself!

Great food and service with a smile. If you find yourself at Broadway Market check it out!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Fin That Never Flounders

Living near Broadway Market has made Saturday lunchtime's a true journey of food discovery. I try and sample a new food stall each week, but I do have a few regular faves. One of these is the wonderful Fin & Flounder Stall, dishing up some truly mouth watering seafood based sandwiches. The Tuna Steak with Wasabi mayo roll was (up until recently) the sandwich of choice, a real spicy and salty treat. However, a recent addition to the menu is the 'Sexy Scallop Sarnie' (below).
Three large scallops nestled between a fresh roll with a generous helping of tartare sauce plus some mouth-watering chorizo thrown in for good measure. Discovering this sarnie really made my weekend. I really find the discovery of a great new sandwich an almost emotional experience.

Fin & Flounder also have a fresh seafood shop situated at the London Fields end of the market, if you fancy putting together a few of these bad boys at home.

A Tad Tasty!

Tad (261 Mare Street) was one of the first eatery recommendations passed onto me upon my move to Hackney a couple of years ago. This gem of a Turkish restaurant really takes the Kebab experience to a whole new level! Situated across the road from the fabulous Hackney Picturehouse, you will be hard pressed to find anywhere better to fill up before a movie (apart from the Picturehouse itself, which also does great grub. but that's something for another post).

Being something of a regular, I have been steadily working my way through  the menu, and have not encountered a disappointing dish thus far. My latest discovery can be seen above, the Yoghurt Chicken Shish. This garlic infused dish made the perfect winter evening meal given it's highly spicy nature.

Other great meals here include some great Turkish pizzas, the great Chicken or Lamb Beyti, and grilled Halloumi. Many thanks to fellow Hackney resident Graham Holiday for tipping me off about this place.