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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Field of Dreams

The London Fields is one of my favourite pubs in Hackney. Located on Mare Street, it's appeal is twofold - if it's a quiet drink with a mate you're after, it's the perfect place. Seating is  almost always available in it's dark green interior. The fake bookshelves on the walls contribute to the 'living room' comfort of the place, and there is a fair selection of beers on tap (Budvar, Guiness etc).

However, once the clock gets to 11 the London Fields transforms completely more or less into a small scale club. With resident DJs and a host of different nights catering to a variety of musical tastes, it becomes quite the place to be when when en route to the Dolphin.

OK enough of the small talk, it's onto the important part. FOOD. In February of this year, the London Fields celebrated it's birthday (what birthday it was never appeared to be specified). To celebrate the pub started serving up freshly cooked pizzas, all at £5. This deal deal proved incredibly popular, on one particular night I think I couldn't see one table in the pub that was not graced with a pizza. The deal proved so popular both the pizzas and the price have become a permanent fixture of the place.

 The pizzas in question are of the authentically thin crust, Italian variety, and are absolutely delicious. Alongside those detailed on the menu there is always a 'pizza of the week'. The most recent of these was the 'Full English' - a circle of cheese andy tomato goodness augmented with bacon and sausage, with a fried egg it's glorious centrepiece.

The perfect way to set you up for the evening before 'raising the roof' in Hackney!

Lucky Chip On My Block

Ever get that feeling of discovering something great on your doorstep - and kicking yourself for not being aware of it sooner? This weekend I experienced that, the discovery being the Lucky Chip Burger Stall.

Netil Market is a kind of bric-a-brac market located a stones throw from Broadway Market, London Fields (usually features a black double decker bus, converted into vintage clothing outlet). Within this market there are a few stalls offering up hot grub to fuel the East London Saturday shoppers.

At the centre is the Lucky Chip stall. Deciding to take a seat on this (let's face it - absolutely gorgeous) Saturday afternoon, I was struck by the tantalising smell of burgers being served up within the market. Having heard some good recommendations, I went for it, and got the 'El Chappo' (pictured).

Sandwiched between two buns I got to experience a meat and spice sensation - flavoursome tasty meat complimented with fresh jalapeƱos and dripping in blue cheese sauce.

I really had to resist the temptation to quote Samuel L and exclaim 'that IS a tasty burger'! I have mixed
feelings about chips, but from what I can see the ones here are pretty good.

I highly recommend this place - perfect for a summers day if you want to take some burgers to chow down on in the nearby London Fields.