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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travels In Texas - the Lion and Rose

Howdy again!

Now it may seem an odd choice to visit an 'english style' pub/restaurant whilst away from the U.K, however I am always curious to see how those abroad view and interperet the english dining experience.

With that in mind one of my first visits whilst in San Antonio was to the 'Lion and Rose', self-proclaimed 'British-Irish pub restaurant' - it's aim to 'proud to have re-created the classic British pub experience right here in central Texas, with a few unique touches of our own'.

The building itself has the definite feel of an english country pub, if it was enlarged three times, and air conditioning thrown in for good measure. Large HD television sets show the latest football from the UK (I'm not going to refer to it as soccer - I know some readers of this blog know where I live) so you have all the comfort of a saturday afternoon in england without the hassle of the batsh*t weather.

The bar have a a good range of UK centric beers on tap such as Newcastle Brown, Boddingtons, and our own adopted wife abusing tipple Stella. For me the bottled beer menu is where the fun truly began - here you'll find the BAD ASS  beers such as Maredsous 10 - one of my favourite beers from Belgium, plus great US beers such as Shiner Blonde.

Down to the nitty gritty, the food. What you see above is what G.F.A.C. went for, an open turkey sandwich topped with mashed potato and gravy, with a side of Mac n' cheese.

Look at the above picture for a few seconds, and just think what a turkey sandwich with a side would look like in a British pub. It would no doubt look like the below:

The sandwich itself was delicious, layers of fresh tasting turkey buried in mash with a distinct garlic and herb flavour, drowned in delicious gravy. Like a great thanksgiving meal on bread, and the mac n'cheese made the perfect accompaniment. Just writing about it is making me both nostalgic and hungry.

I was also glad to see my 'hood get a shout out with the 'Hackney Hot Wings'.

The 'unique touches of their own' (ie the incredible sandwiches and great beer selection) really make this a place to check out, if you're from the UK or otherwise.

Travels in Texas - Grimaldis


I'm currently visiting the birthplace of 'Robocop' actor Peter Weller - otherwise known as San Antonio, Texas.

This is a first time visit  for G.L.A.C. to the Lone Star State, and I have (of course) been sampling much of the local cuisine.

First up, Grimaldi's. A lovely Pizza restaurant I visited during the first week of the Texas tour.  The restaurant itself is decked out with old time photos of the San Antonio area, and it's (incredibly) high ceilings are adorned with wine bottle chandeliers (check out that shizzle above).

The pizzas themselves....YUM. My partner and I opted to 'create our own' and went for a pizza with a pesto base, mushrooms, grilled chicken, italian sausage, and artichokes.

I think my expression above says it all. Needless to say I shall be returning!

P.S. it also doubled as dinner - hell yeah!