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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mama (Stands for Comfort Food!)

Dalston's 'Street Feast' has become quite the weekend hot spot for East London's resident foodies (such as yours truly!). Hoping to make the most of what has easily been the most glorious summers in the UK for years, GLAC swung along to the feast last weekend, to it's location neslted in Dalston Yard.

This is behind the building now most recognised from the 'Rudimental' album:

The scene depicted here is very akin to a night at the Feast ending at the Dolphin pub. Not sure where I maybe I'm the guy in the scary skull mask!

Making it's debut at SF was 'Burrito Mama'. Adding to what has become something of a burrito chain explosion in London over the past seven or so years, they will soon be opening up a store proper in the One New Change shopping centre near St Pauls.

I was immediately stuck by the incredible smell wafting across from this place. Ordering a pork burrito, I was struck by the speed with which it was expertly prepared - wrapped perfectly and with a minimum of fuss. Standing in the sun and sipping on an american beer from the nearby craft beer stall, felt like I could be standing in a Mission street Taqueria.

The pork burrito was of the Californian style that is the most commonly known here but with something of a twist. In addition to the usual filling of meat, rice, beans and salsa Burrito Mama subsitute lettuce for coleslaw. The affect of this susbsitution is quite something! The crunch and coolness of the coleslaw perfectly offsets the (still delicious) strong, spicy flavour of the pork. With the best burritos you taste something new with each bite. Given the fact that coleslaw beats lettuce hands down in the flavour department means that a whole new dimension has been added to this eating experience. They also toast the tortilla, bringing out all the potential flavour in every element of the wrap. It also took the ultimate burrito wrap test - it could be stood upright perfectly!

On occasion I have encountered those unfortunate enough to have not yet experienced the sheer meaty wonder that is the burrito, and sometimes have heard some excuses as to why they have avoided them so far. 

Two choice quotes are 'they've got too much food in them' and 'I don't like rice'.
(the former quote's source shall remain nameless as they would never live down the shame were I to reveal their identity here).

Well for those who go along with the latter quote you can now join in the fun with the rest of us! If you were to try an authentic, mexican style burrito these are usually meat, guacamole, salsa and cilantro. The rice, beans, cheese etc combo is a US invention, and both types are avaialble at Burrito Mama. I was lucky enough to be given a 'Mama Burrito' style steak burrito sans rice, with more slaw, salsa and beans. The steak was succulent and tender, falling apart with every bite.There was no sense of this as lacking anything, it was simply a different experience to the usual rice version.

These are quality burritos - clearly fresh ingredients and wrapped perfectly (I managed to make both stand upright perfectly). These guys and girls know their stuff  - the upper tier 1 burrito chains 'Benito's Hat' and 'Daddy Donkey' can now add 'Burrito Mama' to their ranks.

I'm going to be going to One New Change a lot!

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