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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Become a Burrito Fueled WHOOP-ASS Machine!

Burritos are a great comfort food, as is fried chicken. I've often dreamt of what it would be like to bring these two titans of lunchtime into the same package, much like the bringing together of superheroes on the big screen or (more importantly) on the comic book page.

It was in that most superhero-filled of cities, New York, that this dream became a reality.

Mission Cantina is located on the Lower East side and dish up mammoth wraps worthy of the Hulk himself. Along with the standard chicken, steak and veggie options there is always a 'filling of the month' to spice things up a bit. The fried chicken burrito is a thing of beauty, breadcrumb covered meat engulfed in a combination of rice, refried beans and guacamole. The spicy salsa combined with the chicken and sour cream truly creating a flavour RAVE in your mouth.


The place itself has a very Californian feel, swift service and you're in a good area for bars and the like so fuel up on one of these bad boys before a night out! After finishing off this one I saw that the next special is a General Tsu's chicken burrito - it's like they've plugging into my brain for inspiration! True food to make you one of these...

Mission Cantina,
172 Orchard St
NY 10002
Telephone: 212.254.2233

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Living On The Edge!

Located in my current digs of Harlem, the Edge is great little bar/food joint with a banging selection of burgers. Having only recently relocated, I felt it was high time I sampled the local cuisine so strolling along to this place I felt I had hit the jackpot!

With swift service when we arrived, I was greeted to a great looking menu (the beer section being a particular highlight). Shizzle really got real when my attention was drawn to the specials menu. A burger-centric list that included jerk chicken, salmon, and lamb burgers. I elected to go with the latter, washed down with a pint of Lagunitas IPA (probably my favourite beer these days).

The burger came topped with feta cheese, tomato and red onion, with both a side salad, kale, and a portion of fries. Ketchup for dipping (YAWN) but they were happy to swap this for some BAD ASS hot sauce, with temperatures so sizzling I wonder if they had this delivered straight from Texas. The perfect combination to fight the NY chill!

With a fresh plate of comfort food and beer after a day of travelling,  this was all in all the perfect first dinner in my new neck of the woods.