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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Living On The Edge!

Located in my current digs of Harlem, the Edge is great little bar/food joint with a banging selection of burgers. Having only recently relocated, I felt it was high time I sampled the local cuisine so strolling along to this place I felt I had hit the jackpot!

With swift service when we arrived, I was greeted to a great looking menu (the beer section being a particular highlight). Shizzle really got real when my attention was drawn to the specials menu. A burger-centric list that included jerk chicken, salmon, and lamb burgers. I elected to go with the latter, washed down with a pint of Lagunitas IPA (probably my favourite beer these days).

The burger came topped with feta cheese, tomato and red onion, with both a side salad, kale, and a portion of fries. Ketchup for dipping (YAWN) but they were happy to swap this for some BAD ASS hot sauce, with temperatures so sizzling I wonder if they had this delivered straight from Texas. The perfect combination to fight the NY chill!

With a fresh plate of comfort food and beer after a day of travelling,  this was all in all the perfect first dinner in my new neck of the woods.